303 5th Ave

Due to Covid-19 we will be working only 50% capacity out of our Hell's Kitchen location. In order to better control foot traffic where there is no worry of elevator crowd, for our clients and staffs safety, we have decided to close our 5th ave location. Our Hell's Kitchen location is on storefront. So we will be merging our locations to one on 430 West 46th St.

Hell's Kitchen Location

430 West 46th St. (Between 9th and 10th Ave)

Dear Clients,

We are excited to see you, however due to covid-19 protocols and everyone's safety we ask that you please come on time and no earlier in order to avoid crowding.

All clients must come with their masks on. Touch-less body temperature will be taken before services. If you are experiencing any flu like or allergic symptoms we will not be able to perform any services on you.

Our team received full training on disinfection protocols. We will be using extra recovery time in between clients to properly disinfect our rooms.

Again please come on time for your appointment, NOT early to minimize the reception area flow.